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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I create my profile online?

There is no cost involved in creating your profile on JMC website. Go to home page on and select the option Register Now (It’s Free) or Post Your Profile. Fill the registration form. Providing contact details such as E-mail id and mobile/landline number are mandatory. Once you complete the registration form, the profile is screened and made available to be viewed by other members within 24 hrs.

How should I hide/conceal my contact number?
Mentioning the number is mandatory. However if you do not wish to share it with other members then you can choose the privacy option‘don’t show to anybody’ at the time of registration.
Should I complete every column in the registration form?
Yes. Providing as many details as possible will ensure you speedy responses to your posting. It is necessary to fill the first two pages of the form. The first page captures your basic details. After completion, your profile id gets generated which can be viewed on the right corner of the next page. The second page requires you to fill details about your qualification and write a brief about yourself. Once the mandatory details are filled, click on ‘Finish Registration’.
What are the precautions should I take during the process of registration?
The unavoidable minimum is your personal honesty. Mentioning of facts is compulsory. Provide accurate details. Please do not mislead others by posting wrong details on the website. It is considered an unethical practice and the JMC is forced to delete all such profiles when discrepancies are found. Under any circumstances you are prohibited from posting data which is considered abusive, obscene, illegal, anti-social and anti-national. 
How should I log in after completion of registration formalities?
Please go to On the ‘Home Page’ you find an option for all the existing users to login. Enter you registered e-mail id or the profile id provided by and the password.  
How do I change / edit my profile?
Go to home page of the website, log in into your profile and select the option ‘My Profile’ (on the drop down list in the left column) and click on ‘Update Profile’. The updated profile also will be verified by the JMC and the changed profile would be ready for viewing within 24 hours.
Can I change all the information on my profile?
Basic details such as date of birth, marital status, gender, educational qualification, username cannot be changed. You have an option to change the rest of information on JMC website. Please do remember that you are not supposed to change other information when you have already sent ‘Expression of Interest’ or ‘Acceptance’ to others. 
How do I delete my profile?
JMC has no objection if you decide to delete your profile.However, the company is concerned whether you are deleting your profile for an unpleasant reason like dissatisfaction with our service team. If so, please do contact our team leader(s) on the contact number provided and we will try our best to address your apprehensions. But at the same time, we shall be extremely happy if you decide to delete your profile because your search for a spouse on JMC website is fruitful and your marriage is on the anvil. In fact, the company will look for such deletions. 
To delete a profile, go to home page of the website, login into your profile and select the option ‘Delete My Profile’ (on the drop down list in the left column) and complete the formality.
Can I request the company to retrieve my profile after it is deleted? 
Please do send a request to We appreciate reasons for deletion and request for retrieval. JMC cannot retrieve your profile if it is under free registration category. For paid memberships, the company would try to retrieve the profiles subject to checks and verification of the claim made by the member. Ultimate assurance is not possible in this regard. 
Shall I share my success story? Is any cost involved in posting the story?
JMC is extremely happy to have your success story posted on its website. The company does not charge anything for your posting. But please remember that you are required to enclose/attach a photo (preferably jpg format) of your marriage and your profile ID number allotted by JMC. A surprise gift from the company is not ruled out.
Are there any privacy options for my matrimonial profile display?
Yes. When you login into your ID you will have different options affecting visibility status of your profile. You can use one of the options present there (drop-down menu) and select an option to the best of your liking.  
Can I have a customized profile id?
No. Profile IDs are system-generated and the process is automated in nature.
Shall I register two profiles with same e-mail ID?
No. Every e-mail id is a unique identification device of the respective user and you are not allowed to have two profile registrations using the same ID. 
Can two profiles have the same phone number?
Yes, subject to specific conditions. Though phone numbers too are unique, registration of two profiles with the same number is allowed when the profile registrations belong to the same family (where family surname is the same and registered members are kids of the same parentage). Profiles are accepted by the company after due verification. 
How shall I contact another profiled member on site?
It is a simple option. Select the profile of your liking and press the button ‘Express Interest' in the profile you have selected. Members registered under free registration can only send a message to others. But paid/premium members alone can send personal messages to other members and initiate a dialogue at personal level. To use this advantage, you are advised to change your membership plan if you are now registered under free category. For details on membership plans, click the relevant button on Home Page.
How shall I have full details of the profile of my liking?
There are two conditions involved. First, you should convert your membership plan to paid/premium category. This allows you to peruse through details of other profiled members. Secondly, you can access details of other members if their profiles do not mention any specific partner preferences (filter criteria). And in case they have any specific parameters mentioned for partner search which are not in agreement with your profile details, you cannot enter such profiles. In any case, you can send ‘express interest’ message to them and the rest is subject to their acceptance.  
Can the customer service team of help me in contacting other members?
Customer relation team at is a responsible group of dedicated persons to attend to the emerging needs of clients. As the matrimonial searches are purely personalized initiatives, the JMC is constrained in the canvas of its client dealings and we regret to inform that we are unable to entertain requests from members to act on their behalf. All members registered on the website (irrespective of membership plan) are equals and there is no first among equals category in the eyes of the company. Premium members will have extra options in their searches. Hence, we advise all aspiring browsers to register themselves under paid membership category that allows you to enter the profiles of your liking. ‘Express interest’ option can be used to proceed further. Progression of your search is subject to filter criteria (partner preferences) of respective members.
How many profiles I can contact in a given period?
The number of contacts you can establish through website is subject to membership plans. For more details please visit the home page of and click on the relevant option. 
How should I decline a request from another member?
There are two ways of doing it. First, you may choose not to respond to a request. Since this is not a decent way of doing it, you may choose another option ‘not interested’ which is available. Or else you may directly communicate with the person through mail informing your view point in a gentle manner. 
How should I contact a profile which I rejected earlier?
Please go to the option, ‘my contacts’. Look for the members you rejected earlier and then select the particular profile you are looking for. You can now use the option, ‘accept member’.
Is it worthwhile to add a photo to profile?
Face is the index. Appealing photographs will attract more number of persons searching for matrimonial relations. If you have no objection, we suggest you include a few photographs (not one) of varying proportions like bust size, side view, full size etc. JMC will screen all the photographs and make them available for members within 24 hours. 
Can I edit my photos and how long?
This is an easy task. Go to home page and login into your profile. Go to photo album and follow the instructions therein. You can add up to 5 photos in your profile. Once the limit is reached, you can delete an old photo and add a new one in its place. All instructions are available in the section referred above. This can be repeated as long as you are an active/paid member of the site.     
Can I upload a personal video?
YES. This is a special and unique feature offered by to all members. You can upload a video clip/grab in swf or flv format only not exceeding 2 MB. Video grabs exceeding this size will be deleted by the company. This feature serves you the best in showing your physical features (face, gait/walking style, overall appearance etc.). This will have an added advantage and enhance your chances of being noticed by many. 
Is it safe to upload my photo and keep it for long?
You have necessary precautions in place. There are options you can choose to decide whether your photograph can be visible to all or not. When you go and select My Profile option you have necessary options to this effect. If you suggest your choices, your photo will be visible only to those who meet the criteria you have set for yourself.
What are the different membership plans available with
There are altogether five plans (1+3+1) under three categories. They are:
Category I:      Basic Free Registration
Category II:    Paid Membership: -                 Gold
Category III:   For Walk-in clients                  PPS (Premier Personal Service)                                 
For details under respective plans, please visit membership plan page on the website of
Are there any Add On services along with the paid membership?
Yes, you can avail the following add on services.
1. JMC Verified Profiles: All those profiles submitted at the Jodimakers/franchise centres of the company (in person submissions) can be verified by the company and these profiles would be stamped officially as JMC Verified. Under this arrangement the physical presence of the party/profiled member/family of the profiled member alone is verified by the company as on the date of submission of the papers. You are required to show original ID and address proof (Passport/PAN Card/ Voter Card/Aadhar Card/Driving License/Credit Card Statements) along with photocopies. You can submit any of these as valid proof(s) for identity and residential address. The rest of the details are not under the control of JMC and interested parties are required to verify other details. JMC does not hold any responsibility for other details of the members who present their profiles at the Jodimakers/franchise centres of JMC.   
2. Enhanced Responses: Periodically the JMC sends you list of matching profiles that meets your preferences (for all paid members only). This service will enhance the rate of your searches and ease your time in the process of selection.
3. Astro Charts: For those who believe in and look for astrological compatibility, they can upload Astro charts after registration. These profiles will enhance the acceptability of your profile among those others who also look for astrological details. 
4. Personalized Services: In case of a written request, the JMC team members (a specialist counselor or executive) would help you in conveying your opinions to the member of your choice and share their feedback with you (for paid members). The number of such contacts is limited to ten. This service comes into force upon two pre-conditions- first, your written consent and request (e-mail or signed letter alone are accepted) and secondly, both the parties should have expressed interest in each other by the time JMC receives request from either of these parties.   
5. Highlighted Profiles: JMC will feature profiles (paid members) separately in special columns (horizontal or vertical as the case may be). We will highlight them in a visible manner so that they would be located easily by interested parties using the JMC website. This facility is available for those profiles that have been registered on the website during the last one week at any given point of time.
6. Profiling Help: JMC executives will help you in case you need help (written request) in drafting a brief about yourself and your partner preferences. This facility is subject to workload and seasonal work pressures.
7. PPS (Premier Personal Service): This is an offline service available only at Jodimakers Centres/Franchise offices wherever they are located at present (please click on locate us button on the home page of the website to know about these centres). Those who are registered under this premium service will get a separate Relationship Manager (available at Jodimakers Centres/Franchise Outlets) who will help you in sorting out matching profiles. The profiles will be mailed to you as and when they are in place. In case you seek further clarifications, you may visit the respective centers or call the assigned Relationship Manager. JMC’s responsibility ends with sending matching profiles and the rest is your responsibility.               
How can I make payment?
When you register yourself on the website you will get free basic registration (Basic Free Membership Plan). In order to avail other services of the website you are required to upgrade your membership plan. Please login and click on button Upgrade in menu bar. Now select the membership plan.
There are two methods available for you to pay registration fees. You are requested to take one option and complete the formalities. In case of difficulty, the JMC team members are at your disposal to assist. Please call them during office hours to seek any clarification.
The first option is payment through Credit Card/Debit Card/Net banking and Online Transfer. We accept all major credit cards powered by VISA/MASTER and Debit Cards (nationalized and private). You can also transfer registration fees through Net Banking and Online Transfer facility. 
The second option is payment through Demand draft/pay order/cheque. These fiscal instruments shall be drawn or made in favour of jodimakers matrimony and payable at Bengaluru, India. These instruments of payment shall be couriered or posted to the following address:
Jodimakers Matrimony
49, Third Floor,
27th Main, Jayanagar 9th Block,
Dial our customer relation executives at 1860 425 4488 between 09:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m., Monday to Saturday. JMC’s response team guides you on your payment. Keep your credit card ready for the transaction.
What could be the status of my contact details after expiry of my membership?
Everything will cease after expiry of membership.
What are the differences between free and paid membership plans?
All Members (free or paid) can create profile, create photo album, select partner preferences, search and express interest. Only paid members have the following advantages:
View Contact Details
Contact Members
Send Messages
Online Chat