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For Your Sake Only

Promotion of business through matrimonial profile registrations is not the immediate concern of the JMC management. Satisfactory matchmaking through browsing of JMC website is the mission and the company’s happiness would have doubling effect when two genuine persons are coupled in knot and is the real reward for our modest business activities. Added, our entrepreneurial aspirations abound in an attitude of frivolous earnestness where we would like to see persons browsing our site with playful happiness and matrimonial seriousness. We at JMC strongly believe that the browsing experience should be a merry-making act towards fixation of your matches with appropriate and optimal spouses.


Needless to state, all casual visitors are discouraged from registrations. For, such an act will be a waste of your money and our time. We do believe that two persons willing to join marital life are the blessed souls with their eyes firmly fixed on a hassle-free, merry-making and smooth marital life. But variables like the conditions, place of meeting, extended communications etc. may not always be trouble-free as they ought to be. While we take all precautions in managing security of your personal data, there are some routines that are out of our reach and control. We have some suggestive guidelines enumerated below for the safety of your matrimonial dealings.


Basic Precautions

Ensure that the other person is not already married. Though it takes time to get details, please do so. This is the most important initial check when you are finalising a matrimonial proposal through website. Otherwise, it leads to many complications (legal, moral and family) after marriage. Though the JMC has in place the necessary checks to verify the correctness of facts stated in a particular profile (phone number and e-mail ID), a few cases may slip out of verification mechanisms and security systems. At best, the company terminates the misleading profile from its website and conducts further routines as per the existing Indian legal provisions. Ultimately it is the individual who suffers from a misleading profile more than the business activities of the company. We request and appeal to all to avoid misleading fellow humans in the name of matrimonial profiles.  


Use of Communications

Communications are the real lifelines in the current social scenario. They have an inbuilt strength either to make or mar. All the members searching for their life partners are requested to read between the lines while executing this most powerful device of communication, either phone or mail or tete-e-tete modes. The first precaution for you is to avoid divulging basic information about your personal details like personal phone number, address of contact, original mail ID, whereabouts of your close associates, work place details etc.


To make the first contact of the profile you are interested in, please try to use a public call system or phone so as to ensure that your identity is under guise. You are advised not to come to a premature decision of fixing the match after making a couple of calls. Also, do observe that you do have an eye on the phone numbers of other person calling you. Evasive answers from other persons regarding any straight forward query or simple enquiry form dubious nature of the party in reference. You better attend to these initial hiccups to make sure that your transaction with other persons is proceeding on normal, smooth and expected lines. Please be cautious when you get anonymous calls where the numbers of callers are either blocked or strange numbers with confusing codes. Leave considerable amount of time to have a serious pondering over.


If your personal phone calls get you to the convincing and conclusive verification about the genuineness of the other person, you may start communicating online using your e-mail ID. The adage goes writing maketh a perfect man/woman. The very nature of drafting lettered communications by other person through e-mails will certainly hint you on the politeness of the communications. Usage of words, phrases and expressions construe the personality of the writer. Writing incomplete sentences, using harsh expressions, exhibiting undue haste for a personal meeting in mails, using language that conveys (even implicitly) a sexual intention etc. are some of the areas where you should look for details and underpinnings of e-mail communications. Initially, please do not use your signature lines (with contact address included by default).  


Family Matters

There is a possibility that some traditional families may opt for communicating through elders. Use then your discretion in communications. You too are advised to involve your family elders in talking to the other party. This is a good sign hinting at close family relations. But ascertain whether your groom or bride is a sibling of step mother. Often, this variable may have a serious telling on the personality, education and behavioural patterns of the person. You are advised to look for these trivial details and your sense of context is the best judge here. Otherwise, take opinion of grey-haired elders of your household.



When the initial routines are complete in respect of establishing a personal contact (duly verified) over phones, you decide on sharing the photographs. JMC registration facility includes free uploading of photos and scanning. Under no circumstances a profiled person never denies sharing of photo. Face is the index of the person, if not of mind. The bottom line is the appealing nature of face in photograph. Do not fall flat when a beautiful/handsome photograph comes your way. Your intense liking for an appealing photograph may mask your common senses and other intelligent senses while you proceed further. Photograph is an indication, but not a conclusive verification. While passport (bust) sized ones provide you a fair view of visages, you may also insist on seeing full sized photographs before sitting down for a personal meet.


Meeting Places

Personal and tete-e-tete meets are an ideal way of direct interactions. Place and time of the meeting should be modest where easy access to others through existing means of flexible transport facilities is possible. Selection of secluded places, restaurants skirting the main habitat locations, cellar points, movie theatres where flop shows are running, ultramodern pubs, underground hotels and far off roadside motels may be avoided for the first personal meeting. Select a serene yet easily accessible place. If both the persons are believers, you may go to a religious shrine or place of mutual interest to initiate first personal contact. This will drive off any deviating thoughts from your mind and help you concentrate on striking cordial relations with other party. Once you are confident of other person’s nature, you may follow up with your next personal meets in other places. Please do inform close family members/friends about the place, time and person’s phone number and name.




Initial Gifts

In haste, please do not offer any expensive gifts to other party. Be composed, calm and cool. While extension of pleasantries with a smiling face is the most preferred norm, throwing expensive gifts in the first meet itself will mark your undue eagerness and abnormal wanting (other than sober relation) which do not jell well with meeting intentions. First meeting with person of your choice is more of striking pure and good human relations than exhibiting unwanted gestures. It is always better if you can achieve sync between your assumed self and original self while meeting the supposed partner for the first time in life. Pretentious behaviour will do more harm than good and it does not match better for you. One of the best courses of action would be to take a friend or relative with you when you plan your first meet and suggest the same to the other party. Such a gesture will certainly establish the secure nature of your meeting intentions. Many things in the world have become ultramodern today, but not natural instincts.  


Health Status

This is the age of stem cell therapy. Personal or family medical history was once upon a time a taboo. In contemporary society, this is a delicacy, but no more a taboo. Knowing basic details like blood grouping, family history of diseases, and nature of marriages within the family you are contacting is not a sin (to ensure that there is no chronic inbreeding and cross-cousin marital patterns in the person’s family whom you are proposing to wed). Given the contextual nature of your confabulations with other party, try to create some flexible space to share these general points that have a bearing on personal health. To remove inhibitions in other person, if any, you are advised to take first initiative in this regard which would encourage the other party to open up freely. This general awareness is necessary to have a healthy, strong, sound and vibrant offspring for future. Healthy kids are the best thing you can contribute to society through a marital, conjugal and consummate relationship.   


Family Ways

One of the prime functions of the marriage is to beget healthy offspring and to continue the legacy of family into future. For a plethora of reasons like hybrid diet, polluted atmosphere, increasing carbon elements in atmosphere, unhealthy dietary practices, and intake of fast foods with an unfailing periodicity, gene-morphed food crops, stress, work-place pressures, hormonal imbalance, lack of physical exercise, most of the young people in reproductive age group suffer from some serious health problems. While it is a highly delicate situation to probe into these details, please do involve yourself in a casual conversation to gather information on the family history of childlessness among the family members or first cousins.


Monetary Status

Unless and until you are sure of the person and finalise the match proposal, please do not leave any hints about your fiscal strength. Otherwise, the other party, in all likelihood may initiate business deals instead of a marriage proposal. In an era of globalised business atmosphere and economic liberalisation in India personalised human contacts are lost in fiscal transactions. JMC believes in striking cordial human relations through matrimonial searches and this noble idea should not get dumped while transacting marriage proposals on its website. In view of this all stakeholders are advised to fulfil all other routines at the outset before divulging information of individual fiscal strength, potential for earning and current earnings. Be aware that online matrimonial proposals and searches remain impersonal as long as a final decision is taken to perform the auspicious act of marriage. For, the persons meeting may be complete strangers as on the date of face to face interaction.   


Summative Wisdom

Most of us often believe that marriages are made in heaven. But, there is a wise Sanskrit saying Saptamam daiva chintanam which, means that divide the work into seven parts; work hard on six parts and leave the last to God. Even Gods cannot come to our rescue when we stop making efforts through some hard work. Put in your best efforts in locating an ideal match for you. We at JMC pray that every marriage is a happy episode for a life time (the rest of your life). To avoid grudging ease and uneasy calm in marital relations, spouse-searches and matrimonial life, let every one of us exercise some caution in our decisions. As stated in the beginning, JMC derives satisfaction from your satisfactory searches and fixation of matches.


We encourage you to contact us in case of any disturbing experience or encounter. The company strives its best to provide you the best possible advice and help you to the best of our ability.


We wish you all the best.


JMC Management Team